Highwaymen Exhibits Offered by the Orange County Regional History Center

Highwaymen Exhibits Now nationally known, the Highwaymen began as a group of African American artists who, against all odds, managed to prosper selling their paintings in the segregated South of the 1950s and 1960s. One charismatic man dreamed big and developed a fast method of painting that he generously shared with 25 others, and they collectively produced over 200,000 paintings over a 30 year period. Learn about their fascinating story in The Highwaymen exhibnit and see up to 64 of their breathtaking paintings.

B.J. Hausman, director of the art gallery at Florida Community College in Jacksonville, attests, "When you know the story behind [the artists] it becomes magical."


Now Open


64 Highwaymen paintings featuring all 26 artists including: Curtis Arnett, Hezekiah Baker, Al Black, Ellis Buckner, George Buckner, Robert Butler, Mary Ann Carroll, Johnny Daniels, Willie Daniels, Rodney Demps, James Gibson, Alfred Hair, Isaac Knight, Robert Lewis, John Maynor, Roy McLendon, Alphonso Moran, Harold Newton, Lemuel Newton, Sam Newton, Willie Reagan, Livingston Robers, Cornell Smith, Sylvester Wells, and Charles Wheeler.

27 text panels and graphics

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Space Requirements

2,500 feet.
Smaller custom designs also available.


Contact the History Center for pricing information.

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Contact Information

Barbara Knowles
Traveling Exhibitions Coordinator
(407) 836-8519

Tour Itinerary

7/13/02-10/6/02 Orange County Regional History Center, Orlando, FL
11/20/03-1/28/04 Williams Academy Black History Museum, Ft. Myers, FL
2/9/04-6/4/04 Tallahassee Museum of Natural History and Science, Tallahassee, FL
8/24/04-1/6/05 Homestead Art Club, Homestead, FL (custom)
8/25/04-1/7/05 Florida Community College, Jacksonville, FL (custom)
1/25/05-4/28/05 Old Courthouse Museum, Inverness, FL
8/24/05-1/6/06 South Florida Museum, Bradenton, FL
1/1/07-4/18/07 Saratoga Automobile Museum, Saratoga, NY (custom)
1/24/07-3/19/07 Beaches Museum and History Center, Jacksonville Beach, FL (custom)
1/17/08-3/19/08 Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, Tarpon Springs, FL
1/6/09-2/19/09 City of Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
3/30/09-6/30/09 Hannibal Square Heritage Center, Winter Park, FL